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Netbooks & Chromebooks

Netbooks & Chromebooks |

View ProductNetbooks are low-powered portable laptops ideal for use in the home, office or the classroom. It’s lightweight design along with its long battery life and the ability to connect to the internet easily wherever you are make it the perfect travel companion.

Chromebooks are easy to setup and use letting you get down to work in a matter of seconds, and comes with virus protection built-in to guard you from viruses and other malware...

Powered by the Chrome OS and connected to the internet, you will receive the latest updates to your operating system instantly. All of the data that you save to this computer is stored within Google’s Cloud Storage letting you access anytime of the day or night and even through another computer.

A Chromebook does not work in the traditional PC sense in that the applications you will be using reside within a web browser and not like Windows or Photoshop, which is stored on the machine itself.